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Bedtime Story Benefits | Start this bedtime routine with your little one

In this gizmo-freak world of lifeless interactions, reading out to your baby is the best thing that could happen. It is a great way to spend quality time with your baby and build a bond with him. Along with the bonding, his cognitive faculties are also boosted. Know the brainy benefits of a bedtime story.

bedtime story

This is rightly said that there is no substitute for books in a child’s life. Nothing can beat the feeling of snuggling next to your little munchkin as you read out to him. Apart from just being a source of joy, this simple practice can benefit your baby in various ways.

According to research, 18 to 24-month-old children who have been read regularly for a year were able to understand and speak more words comparatively. A child who is read out to since early age experiences stimulation in that part of the brain that helps in understanding and enhances language. It will help him in everyday communication.

According to AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), parents should start reading to their children since infancy.

Benefits of Bedtime Story

  1. Enhances language and communication skills

It is proved that children who have a reading routine at an early age develop language, communication, and curiosity about the world around. By interacting with the characters of the story, your child gains valuable communication skills. The pictures and words they come across while reading or story time build their vocabulary.

Always use body language during storytelling session. To make reading more alive use interactions. Encourage kids to respond, touch, feel and explore the books.

  1. Gives wings to imagination

Reading makes sufficient room for self-expression. It opens up the window and gives wings to a child’s imagination. It also raises curiosity levels and raises the IQ by over 6 points.

Use illustrative books to help children discover the world around them.

  1. Increases focus

Seated in one place for some time and narrating a story keeps your baby focused. It will strengthen his concentration level. Their observational, visual and motor skills are enhanced through storytelling.

  1. Develops healthy bonding

Reading to your child develops a healthy and positive relationship. It facilitates the quality time you can spend with your child.

  1. Encourages the love for books

Reading or storytelling at an early age helps build the love for books. You should also start enjoying reading to set an example for your little ones. Inculcate the habit of reading in kids by creating a comfortable reading zone.

Bedtime Story Benefits | Start this bedtime routine with your little one

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Happy Reading and Happy Sleeping!




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