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Gut Health Issues in Newborn Babies

When it comes to parenting for new parents or taking care of newborn babies, there are lots of suggestions coming in from everywhere. Few common baby care issues are feeding, sleep issues, infections, constipation, etc. Gut health issues are one of the most common baby care issues when home remedies peep into.

gut health issues

Some other issues might be intrusive to the nose, mouth, and eyes. Older members of the family insist on applying kajal in the baby’s eyes. According to an ophthalmologist, these products contain lead and there should be minimum physical contact with your baby’s eyes.


Traditional wisdom is of course not to be frowned upon but before following any age-old advice you should speak to your pediatrician. The reason behind this is the difference in climatic conditions, lifestyle, and eating habits of today’s generation as compared to the older generation. The things or home remedies which might work in earlier times might not fit into the present conditions.

Gut Health Issues

Newborn babies have sensitive guts. It takes time to settle into robust functioning. Symptoms like constipation and vomiting should not be ignored.

  1. Colic

Doctors diagnose the condition of colic on the basis of a rule, that is, ‘rule of threes’. If your baby exhibits extreme fits of crying for at least three hours a day, thrice a week and for at least three weeks, it might be possible that he has developed colic. Colic mainly occurs due to swallowed air which results from crying.

Your baby may calm down and respond to massage, motion or swaddle, pacifier or sucking your breasts.

Milk allergies and lactose intolerance have symptoms similar to colic.

  1. Spitting Up

Initially, through a burp, babies spit out milk due to overfeeding. This is normal but you need to monitor the fluid gushing out of your baby’s mouth. If it is more than two tablespoons and comes out with a great force, you should consult the neonatologist. If spitting out or vomiting are accompanied by coughing or choking, there might be some respiratory issue which needs to be considered.

  1. Jaundice

Many babies show up jaundice by the fifth day. As the newborns have immature liver, it is not fully equipped to process the buildup of bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin gives the skin a yellowish color. Jaundice usually clears up with breastfeeding and passing of stools.

It should be investigated if it exceeds two weeks or more.

  1. Constipation

Some babies who are on breastfeeding exclusively might not pass stool for seven days. It is not a cause of concern as breastmilk is often completely digested by the baby’s body. The situation is worrisome if a baby does not pass gas or stool for over seven days, constantly vomiting, and reduced urine output. It means that there is a need to investigate the intestinal issues.

Mother’s diet needs to be changed in this case. Fruit juice, water, pears or broccoli might help. If these do not work consult your pediatrician.

Gut Health Issues in Newborn Babies

Happy Parenting!


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