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Infections In Newborn babies | Tips To Make Vaccine Shot Easy

Along with the birth of a newborn comes lots of issues for new parents to take care of such as sleep issues, gut health issues, feeding issues, and infections. In newborn babies, infections are caused mostly by bacteria and some are also caused by viruses.

During the childbirth, if a mother had an active infection, the baby might breathe in or swallow the fluid in the birth canal. In a few cases, even after the birth babies could catch the infection from someone who has flu or cold.

All the babies are born with protective maternal antibodies. These are passed to them via the placenta which lasts for six to nine months. In case, when newborns develop infection things can get out of control rapidly.

Infections In Newborn babies | Tips To Make Vaccine Shot Easy

Few Common Infections        

  • Respiratory Problems

When a baby is breathing too fast, it is the first sign of any respiratory infection. It can also be detected when a child cough too often while feeding or he can also refuse feed.

If there is unchanging bluish tinge around the lips, it is a sign of dangerously low blood oxygen. Consult your doctor immediately. While a temporary bluish cast on feet and hands is normal in healthy infants.

  • Danger Bugs

High fever of 100.5and above could be a sign of meningitis. It could also be an infection of the liver or kidneys or urinary tract.

Abnormal rhythmic movements should be addressed immediately such as repeated smacking of the lips or a continuous roving movement of the eyes point to imminent convulsions.

  • Oral Thrush

It is common among babies who have received antibiotics. Oral thrush is a fungal infection which looks like a white patch inside the mouth. The antibiotics destroy the good gut bacteria along with the bad bacteria.

When you rub gently with the finger and the white patch disappears, no need to worry as it is just milk residue. Oral thrush can also make your nipples cracked. So, for an oral fungal medication, you need to consult your neonatologist.

Get your babies regular vaccinations according to the immunization schedule provided by your doctor at the time of birth.

Tips to make Vaccine Shot easy

Vaccine shots might bring tears to your little one’s eyes. Try to make the whole process less dreadful for both of you.

vaccine shot tips

  • Soothe your baby with your touch.
  • Keep him engaged with your voice while he is getting the shot.
  • Bring over a new toy to distract him afterward.
  • To numb the pain you can place a cool compress on the sore area.
  • Breastfeeding and lots of cuddling are always the best ways to soothe a fussy baby after the needle shot.
  • A bath with lukewarm water might work.

Happy Parenting!


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