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Sleep and Brain Development are concurrent | Baby So Jao Mattress

Ample of researches have been done on the relationship between sleep and brain development in infants and young children. A human brain is the most important organ in the body. It is made up of 100 billion neurons and a trillion glial cells. The human brain which comprises only 2% of the total body weight consumes about 20% of energy generated by the whole body. It processes so much information each second – 95% of the thoughts and decisions are taken by the subconscious mind.

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The brain of babies starts developing three weeks after conception. Infants and young children are considered as sponges because it has more brain cells at the time of birth than during the rest of their life. Lack of sleep affects the brain development in multiple ways.

Make sure your child gets good rest and sleep every day to keep them healthy, energetic, and relaxed. Sound sleep is must for the brain development of a child. It is equivalent to the food requirements of a body. Sleep should be sufficient and uninterrupted.

Benefits of Sound Sleep

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  • Brain development
  • Improved learning – higher IQ levels
  • Better growth
  • Healthy heart
  • Weight management
  • Lowers stress level
  • Improves concentration
  • Healthy body and mind
  • More social and active child

Factors affecting sleep

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  • Body’s internal clock – Babies should sleep as and when they feel like sleeping according to their body clock or natural biological rhythms.
  • Sleep schedule – Newborns sleep pattern is based on their weight and feeding needs. During the first weeks, the less your baby weighs more often he needs to be fed and the lesser time he’ll spend sleeping and vice versa.

Weight of the baby

Feeds per day

Hours of sleep per day

2kg (4lb)



3kg (7lb)



4.5 kg (10lb)



All babies have their own pattern, this chart is a rough guide to sleep requirements.

  • Uninterrupted sleep – Babies should sleep without any distractions. Light or noises should not disturb his sleep.

In case any of the above factors are not optimal, sleep deprivation may occur which is harmful to the baby. Being parents, it is our responsibility to protect our child’s sleep and make it a healthy habit. Rather than correcting a bad habit later on, it is easier to instill good habits at an early age.

BabySoJao sleep reward chart

BabySoJao mattress helps you and your baby to follow the healthy habit to get sound sleep. It helps your baby to sleep for longer duration and without interruptions. The vibration in the mattress soothes the baby that helps him to relax and get good sleep.

sleep and brain development are concurrent

Happy Parenting!


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