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Why is Good Night Sleep important for you and your child?

For stronger memory in kids, the growth of new neural connections is essential. Adequate good night sleep facilitates this growth of new neural connections.

Many parents signed up their kids for so many activities before a kid joins the school to keep him active. But you should raise a well-rounded kid instead of all-rounder kid. You need to simplify the schedule and focus on getting him to bed on time.

sound sleep

According to researches, sufficient sleep is essential for a child’s physical, emotional, and cognitive health. On the other side, insufficient sleep leads to obesity, high blood pressure, mood disorders, insulin resistance, lack of concentration, and much more problems.

Amazing processes that happen while your child sleeps

  1. Information Banking

Whatever your child went throughout the day, he sorts through all the information. While sleeping the brain keeps what it wants and gets rid of what it does not need.

Babies are always napping as they need frequent breaks to process and sort so much of new information.

  1. New Neural Connections are formed

During the deep stages of sleep, the brain cells are involved in facilitating the growth of new neural connections and reactivating the learnings. It helps to form long-term memories.

Also, kids who get a good night sleep perform better in mathematics and languages in higher grades. So, academic success is linked with good night sleep.

  1. Height Gaining

When your child wakes you up at night because of pain in legs, he is sprouting in front of your eyes! According to doctors, bones do most of their growing at night which leads to growing pains in kids.

  1. Stronger Heart

Adequate sleep helps children to grow with a stronger heart. It protects them from high blood pressure and other heart-disease risk factors.

  1. Strong Immune System

Shorter sleep is linked to higher levels of stress hormone – cortisol which reduces the activation of the immune system. During good night sleep, a child’s brain releases chemicals that support to repair the immune system.

  1. Emotional Bonding

Dreams help to promote emotional bonding with family and friends. Kids often dream about their family members which facilitates positive emotional interactions when they are awake.

  1. Controlled Appetite

A proper amount of sleep helps to keep a track on appetite by producing adequate levels of ghrelin and leptin in combination. Consequently, it regulates the appetite and reduces the chances of obesity. But with an insufficient amount of sleep, the brain tells you to eat more as ghrelin levels are higher and leptin levels are lower.

 good night sleep

So, sleep-deprived kids have more problems and prone to temper tantrums as compared to well-rested ones. A child might get exposed to anxiety and depression if sleep deprivation becomes chronic.

Happy sleeping!



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