BABYSOJAO MATTRESS - ITS NOT A PRODUCT. IT'S AN INVENTION! (From a crying baby to a calm baby within 30 seconds!)

With a new-born baby, we all are always challenged by their inconsistent crying. We don't know when will and when they won't cry. A lot of energy and time of new-born's parents are invested in soothing the baby. BabySoJao is a revolutionary mattress which soothes the baby using our stochastic resonance based patented technology. You just place the crying baby on the mattress, turn it on and the baby stops to cry within 30 seconds! Guaranteed! Please see the video below to see the BabySoJao Mattress in action. The mattress goes beyond soothing and has been proven to provide babies with better, faster and deeper sleep. Our mattress is CPSIA certified to be 100% safe for babies between the age of 0-3 years.

We have been working on the BabySoJao Mattress for the last 30 months and after successful testing and taking care of the patent of the product we started mass production from March, 2018. It is a unique mattress, something which has never been heard about, which is needed by every mother and father of a new-born baby. During our testing period we made 200 units, went to every known contact through friends and family and with every demo on a parent's baby, we never came out of their house with the mattress. All 200 mattresses were sold hand to hand in a single demo. Since then we have sold over 8000 units online through our website across India and now to further enhance our product's reach we are seeking distributors across India. We provide the sales and marketing manpower and it would be 100% our responsibility to generate sales for our distributors. All distributor agreements are exclusive to the said city.

The mattress comes in two size variants. Large and Small and multiple design variants. The Large Mattress is for the baby who is static - You may place the mattress in the crib or bed or anywhere suitable and use the mattress. The Small Mattress is for babies who are on-the-go. It's about the size of an iPad and can be used in a stroller or baby sling which we use to carry babies these days.

Besides these two products, which are already launched, we are working on various other baby products which we would keep adding in our distribution network. The whole idea is to have product which are unique and we own the patents for them so that you as a Super Stockist or Distributor are not affected by the competition. All these products will not just be the trends for a couple of years but have been conceptualized, designed and made keeping in mind the basic needs of a baby, which with time would never change, alike the BabySoJao Mattress. Please feel free to go through our website ( for more information about our products.

We are looking for Super Stockist and Distributors who can insure supply and availability of our products in their territory. The vision is to have these products available at every possible place where anything about a baby is sold or serviced. The mattress works for kids between the age of 0-3 years thus we have a lot of avenues to explore. A few places which are the best bet to promote our products are:
1. Nursing homes and their in-house pharmacy,  (while testing this concept we recently cracked several deals with nursing homes. Every nursing home now-a-days has a baby delivery package and the said nursing home has included our product in their baby delivery package, which means that all babies who are born in their hospital would have a BabySoJao Mattress )
2. Gynecologist and Pediatrician
3. General pharmacy
4. Day-care and play schools
5. Toy stores
6. Kid's clothing stores.

India is experiencing 2 Lakh births per day and at-least 25%-35% of this population can easy afford our products.

The Large Mattress' recommended selling price is MRP is Rs. 9995 (printed MRP 14775) and the Small Mattress' is Rs. 6999 (Printed MRP Rs. 8775). Distributor's Price of Large Mattress is Rs. 4550 (including GST) and for the Small Mattress it's Rs. 3600 (including GST).

Our products are going to give a lot of burnt-out parents a break. They are just awaiting of you to present it in-front of them. Through our distribution network we intend to achieve the same.  

We thank you in advance for your interest in partnering with us.