BabySoJao mattress is certified by a CPSC approved lab to be safe for babies between the age of 0-3 years. Recommended by Pediatricians.

How it works?

How BabySoJao Mattress Will Word For You?


The Science!

While in utero, your baby is suspended in amniotic fluid and gently swayed and jostled from every shift in your body position, as well as lulled by constant motion and sounds from your heart beats, blood flow, and other bodily functions. The sounds inside the womb have been recorded as high as 80-90 decibels—nearly as loud as a vacuum cleaner or hairdryer!

After emerging from nine months in a warm cocoon of constant motion and white noise, it’s no wonder new babies often “cry for no reason.” Through his work with newborns, pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp found that most fussy babies are soothed by harnessing the calming reflex through “shushing” and constant motion reminiscent of the womb. But driving around the block, endlessly bouncing up and down, and other soothing techniques are exhausting for already overwhelmed and sleep-deprived parents. While there are bulky mechanical swings or vibrating chairs, good luck lugging them on a plane or even across town to Grandma’s house.

BabySoJao gives worn out parents a break

The BabySoJao Mattress provides the reassurance of the womb by combining the comfort of vibrations with white noise. Baby immediately feels the mattress’ vibrations, which activates the baby’s calming response by mimicking what is experienced in the womb. The mattress is easy to use during naps or bedtime, as well as mid-day meltdowns, and is especially good for colicky babies. The large mattress provides hands-free soothing when placed under a baby on top of a mattress, hard surface, or activity gym. The mini mattress is the most portable and easy to transfer place to place and can be used with a car seat, placed over the baby’s lap after the baby has been properly buckled in. The mini BabySoJao mattress allows you to comfort your baby in your arms, or in a carrier or wrap!

There are three levels of vibrations that can be customized to baby’s needs. Two heartbeat modes provide waves of sounds and motion similar to what baby experienced in the womb. Built-in rechargeable battery operated, it gives up to 8-10 hours of soothing vibrations depending on size and setting with a single full charge.