BabySoJao mattress is certified by a CPSC approved lab to be safe for babies between the age of 0-3 years. Recommended by Pediatricians.

Our Story

If you are a parent of a kid (0-3 years) this story can change your story.

The Pregnant Parents

Sourav and Pooja were like any married couple you will find anywhere in the world. Working professionals, happy and awaiting their first child to be born. The last three month's of Pooja's pregnency were the most difficult. A lot of attention needs to be given because you don't want anything to go wrong. Both were excited, confused, worried and what-not, all at the same time.

The Birth

The day arrives and they are blessed with a baby girl. Named her Simar. Everything in world which had mattered had taken a back seat and Simar was the point of focus of both Sourav and Pooja.

The Best And Worst Days

Among all the million things which they needed to take care of about Simar, Sourav realised that there was one thing which was consuming the most amount of time and energy of both of them, specially Pooja. You could have looked at them and measure how exhausted they were. Even though they had help from their family but your child is your child and you should be the one to be always their for her. This one task was not just a one-off daily tasks and you do it and its done. It was a task which was most important for the baby. It was painful. It was time taking. It was physically and mentally exhaustive as had to be done several time a day.

The Most Painful Task Of Being A Parent Of A New-Born

Yes. The task was to put Simar to sleep. To soothe her. To make sure she is sleeping alright. To make sure that she isn't crying much. Knowing that a new-born cries and will cry doesn't take the pain away when they cry because you love them the most and you will do anything which it takes to make sure that you and the child doesn't have to go through it. Not only was it painful, it was also very time taking and mentally and physically exhaustive. This one single task was in someway taking away or lessening the joy of parenthood from both of them. For sure all parents experience the same.

Birth of BabySoJao Mattress

Sourav knew a lot a parents are there who go through what they have and would need a solution to the same.

Sourav and Dinesh, who are currently partners in BabySoJao, got together to work this problem and after a lot of research and testing, came up with the idea of BabySoJao Mattress. It took a long time for the final product to be born as they could not have afforded to take any chance when it comes to the safety of a baby. Testing was done on more than 200 new-born babies and test feedback were given attention and were very helpful in making the final version.


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About the BabySoJao Mattress

The BabySoJao mattress is a revolutionary and the only mattress which mimics the sounds, motions and vibrations which a baby is habituated to when it is in the womb. It gives the same comfort and protectiveness which a baby feels inside the womb. So when you put your baby on the mattress and turn it on, your baby soothes, becomes calm and will fall asleep. It works like magic.

BabySoJao is an electronic device. It runs through DC power which it gets from the built-in rechargeable battery. You get an adapter in the packaging which you need to use to charge this baby mattress. You wont be able to use the mattress (turn-it-on) when the mattress is being charged using a lower adapter as we do not want AC current flowing in any part of the mattress when a baby might be on the mattress.

All babies are different and that's why there are 5 different modes to operate the BabySoJao Mattress. Low (the mattress always turns-on at low mode), medium, high, heartbeat A and heartbeat B. When using for the first time you will have to give every mode a try to see which mode works the best for your baby.

It also have an auto-timer mode. Select your mode and set the auto-timer. It will shut down the mattress in an hour automatically.

CPSIA Certification

It was very important for us to get this baby mattress certified by a recognized third party agency. CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) is an regulatory agency which among a lot of other activities related to consumer safety, also heavily regulates the baby product market for safety. BabySoJao mattress are certified by a third party CPSC approved laboratory to be safe for kids between 0 - 3 years. BabySoJao Mattress is also pediatrician approved and recommended.

Sleep Faster. Sleep Deeper. Sleep Better.

BabySoJao Mattress beyond their soothing affects are super effecting which your baby's sleep. With BabySoJao Mattress, your baby will sleep faster, sleep deeper and sleep better.

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Happy Parenting

Team - BabySoJao