BabySoJao mattress is certified by a CPSC approved lab to be safe for babies between the age of 0-3 years. Recommended by Pediatricians.

BabySoJao - Mini Mattress

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Why settle for old-fashioned, inconvenient, and ineffective soothing methods? BabySoJao Mattress calms babies by mimicking the sounds and motions of the womb. After nine months in a warm cocoon of constant motion and white noise, it’s no wonder new babies often “cry for no reason.” During this “fourth trimester,” BabySoJao Mattress can provide your baby with the reassurance of the womb through the comfort of vibrations and white noise.

BabySoJao Mattress is the only portable, soothing, vibrating mat designed for use anytime, anywhere. Unlike vibrating chairs that require breaking contact with your baby, BabySoJao allows you to comfort your baby in your arms. Lightweight and compact, it can easily be folded up and placed in a diaper bag. BabySoJao Mattress is versatile and can be used independently or in conjunction with other soothing methods.

The BabySoJao Mattress is CPSIA safe and has been tested by a third party laboratory. The mat is designed to exceed all CPSIA testing and standards.

The small BabySoJao Mattress is perfect for baby carriers, strollers, car seats (used over baby after he or she has been properly buckled in), and other smaller portable devices. Heading out to the airport or driving to Grandma’s house? Our small mat can easily travel with any on-the-go baby.


  • 400 grams
  • 12 in x 9 in x 3/4 in
  • 3/4 inches thick (with cover)
  • Water resistant interior
  • Removable, washable 100% exterior cotton cover
  • Powered by built-in rechargeable batteries
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Better for portability and smaller spaces

Click Here To Read Our Story Before You Decide To Buy